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FAVOURITE COLOUR    |    Teal - it reminds me of the ocean 

FAVORITE FOOD    |    Sushi 

FAVOURITE MOVIE    |    Cocktail! i love 80s movies 

FAVOURITE RESTAURANT    |    Vons… mmmm oysters

FAVOURITE QUOTE    |    “People are so strange and complicated, they are actually beautiful ... possibly even me” - Angela Chase 

MUSIC TO STYLE BY    |    I love rock music . punk, metal , 80s!

FAVORITE COCKTAIL    |    White wine! all day, everyday 

FAVOURITE BOOK    |    Humans of New York, stories by Brandon Stanton

FAVOURITE WEBSITE    |    Tripadvisor ... I love looking at hotels 

DON’T-MISS TV    |    Sex and the City (always and forever), Shameless, American Horror Story

CATS OR DOGS    |     Dogs! My dog Kruger is my baby!!!

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT    |     My daughter. She is my life. 

OTHER STUFF ABOUT ME    |    In my spare time I like to just hang around my cozy home with my little family, cuddled under warm blankets, have a bottle of wine (or two) and watch horror movies (slice and dice) … I’m a big horror movie fanatic.